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Landscaping Services

Sprinklers are our specialty.

Our company offers a variety of services to assist you in maintaining and enhancing the performance of your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Repair

We repair leaks, broken heads, and other issues that could affect the operation of your sprinkler system for both residential and commercial customers. 


Drip System

This type of irrigation system provides water directly to the plant's root zone, making it more water-efficient and cost-effective than traditional sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler Renovation

This entails adjusting your sprinkler system's coverage area to ensure that every area of your lawn and garden receives adequate irrigation.

Landscape Lighting Repair

We can diagnose and fix your problems related to outdoor lighting systems, which may include pathway lights, spotlights, and other landscape illumination. We want to ensure that the outdoor lighting is functioning both for aesthetic and safety purposes.

Sprinkler Controllers

We also offer the installation of new sprinkler controllers, including the latest technology such as wifi sprinkler controllers, which allow you to manage your sprinkler system from your smartphone or computer. 

water efficient Nozzle installation

Water-efficient nozzle systems can reduce water wastage while maintaining optimal irrigation levels.

Wire Tracing

This service involves locating and mapping the underground wires that are part of the irrigation system. It is crucial for diagnosing electrical issues and for ensuring that new landscaping work doesn't damage existing wiring. Our technicians use specialized equipment to detect the path and depth of the wires without disturbing the ground.



We can replace stop and waste components that prevent water waste and install backflow prevention devices to safeguard your drinking water from contamination.


Whether you've just moved in or it's been a while since your yard has been services... Sometimes you can't find the valves in your sprinkler system. Valve locating is the process of finding the underground valves that control the flow of water in an irrigation system. This is important for maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of the system.

Wire Repair

This service addresses any issues with the wiring of the irrigation system, including breaks, shorts, or deterioration. Damaged wires can lead to malfunctioning sprinkler systems, resulting in inadequate watering or overwatering.

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