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Save Water, Save Money

As the world becomes increasingly concerned about the environment, it's no surprise that Utah homeowners and Utah business owners alike are seeking ways to save water and money. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of innovative sprinkler products that not only conserve water, but also save money on water bills. That's why we at IMS are proud to introduce our new line of cool sprinkler products that can help you achieve both goals.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

First, let's talk about our smart sprinkler controllers. These controllers use advanced technology to automatically adjust watering times and amounts based on weather conditions, soil moisture levels, and other factors. This means that your sprinklers will only run when they need to, and will only use the minimum amount of water necessary to keep your lawn and garden healthy. In fact, installing smart sprinkler controllers can save up to 50% of water usage, which can translate into significant savings on your water bill.

Rotary Nozzles

We also install a range of innovative sprinkler heads that can help you save water without sacrificing performance. Our rotary nozzles, for example, use a unique water delivery system that produces larger droplets, which are less susceptible to wind and evaporation. This means that your water will be delivered directly to the roots of your plants, where it's needed most. Plus, our rotary nozzles are designed to provide better coverage and distribution, which can further reduce water waste.

There are many new and unique sprinkling system innovations to help save water and money!
There are many new and unique sprinkling system innovations to help save water and money!

Drip Irrigation

Another product in our lineup is our drip irrigation system, which is ideal for garden beds, flower pots, and other areas where targeted watering is needed. Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the soil, so there's no waste from overspray or evaporation. This not only saves water, but also reduces the risk of plant diseases and pests that can be caused by overwatering.

Sensors and Monitoring Systems

Finally, we offer a range of sensors and monitoring systems that can help you keep track of your water usage and ensure that your sprinkler system is running efficiently. Our soil moisture sensors, for example, can detect when your soil is dry and automatically trigger your sprinklers to run. This means that your plants will always have the water they need, without any excess.

At IMS, we're committed to providing our customers with the most innovative and effective sprinkler products on the market. With all these cool sprinkler products, you can save water, save money, and help protect the environment. Contact us today to learn more about how installing the right product can benefit your home or business.

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